Window To My Grief

Looking for a DIY grief activity that can help you/your family/students process the loss of a loved one?

With just a printer, a pair of scissors, glue, and a pen you can participate in a therapeutic intervention which will support you through grief and loss.

Step 1: Click HERE to download the PDF.

Step 2: Save and PRINT

Step 3: Glue the first two pages back-to-back so that the printed windows are facing out.

Step 4: Use scissors or exacto knife to cut along the dotted lines indicated on the grayscale side.

Step 5: Once cut, you will be able to fold the windows open.

Step 6: Add the third blank page – glue to the back. This gives backing to the window and this is where you will write your answers (answers to prompts under the flaps).

Step 7: Take time to answer each prompt under each flap. There are no right/wrong answers. This is a private activity for you. You can share with others or keep in a safe place – it’s up to you!

Let me know how this activity goes!

From my heart to yours,


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