The Bandaid Game


Click the image below to download and print your family game! It will be an opportunity to interact while having fun (and getting a therapeutic intervention out of it, too!)

I was inspired to put this together when I noticed my 4 year old wouldn’t go outside today. When I explored what she was feeling she said she was “scared.” She then shared, “I’m afraid the coronavirus is going to attack me.” 

I realized it was time to sit down and talk about our feelings! 

All you need is a printer, scissors and tape/glue – and honesty! Be honest with how YOU are feeling, too! Use this game to check in with all types of feelings. Everyone gets to share and you’ll grow closer as a family as you build insight and clarity on every beautiful member.

From my heart to yours,
Thera Storm, LCSW

If you ever need to reach me, please reply to this email or call my office: 858-829-0060. 

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