San Diego Pet Loss Grief Support

Did you know that it is estimated that close to 70% of US households own a pet? Americans love their pets. Whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or another animal, people rely on their pets for companionship and emotional support. When a pet passes away, it can be devastating. Some people see their pet as getting older and know that “their time” is fast approaching. However, some people forget that pets typically don’t live as long as humans. As such, when a pet dies, the owner falls into despair and grief. If this is you, you may want to consider San Diego Pet Loss Grief Support.

San Diego Pet Loss Grief Support Strategies

Thera Storm from Clarity Corp offers methods to overcome your grief after you have lost a pet. Thera, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializes in getting people past their grief after a devastating loss. She understands that not everyone is the same and they may need different strategies to “move forward” from their melancholy.

  • One-on-One Sessions: One on one sessions are personalized and allow you to pour your heart out. Perhaps what you need is someone who understands and who can coach you through your sadness.
  • Group Sessions: Sharing your pet stories with a small group of 4 or 5 people can be a healing process. With Thera as a guide and facilitator, you will be able to recover from your loss and learn to look forward with more clarity.
  • eTherapy Sessions: Some people cannot attend sessions or they may not want to meet people face to face. Here, eTherapy (consultation via video conference) might be what works for you.
  • 7-Letter Strategy: For those who are really not ready to talk to anyone, Thera Storm offers the 7-Letter grieving recovery process. She sends you a letter which has helpful information and inspiration. These letters allow you to go at your own pace in coming to terms with the death of a beloved pet.

You are Not Alone

Although you may feel isolated in your grief, know that you are not alone. Clarity Corp and Thera Storm is here to help you with San Diego Pet Loss Grief Support. Read the Guide to Pet Loss Ebook or call us for more information: (408) 429-4134.