San Diego Grief Recovery Specialist

Everyone, young and old can experience a loss. It could be the loss of a spouse, a parent, or the loss of a pet. No matter your age, the loss is often followed by grief. Grieving is a natural and normal process. However, if you or someone you know seems to be in grief for too long, it might be time to seek a San Diego Grief Recovery Specialist. Thera Storm from Clarity Corp is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She specializes in helping people find closure and move out of grief. Everyone should take the time to grieve. But there is a point where it is important to “turn the page” and allow yourself to move forward.

San Diego Grief Support Strategies

Some people need a short time to grieve while others need more time to grieve. When you are ready to move forward but don’t know how, call Thera for help. She offers 4 different ways to emerge from your cloud of sadness.
  • One-on-One Consultation: for people who need a more private session, we recommend Thera Storm’s one-on-one therapy sessions. Here, she will guide you through your grieving process and allow you to come out of your sadness.
  • Group Therapy: Some people find it beneficial to share their story among other people who are also grieving. By understanding that you are not alone, you are able to heal from your loss.
  • eTherapy Video Conference: For people who cannot go to her office, Thera offers video conferencing where she will help you through your pain. This format is also useful for those who want to be in the comfort of their own home.
  • 7-Letter Strategy: If you are grieving and do not want to face anyone yet, the 7-Letter strategy might be perfect for you. Thera will send you 7 letters over a period of six weeks. The letters allow you to heal at your own pace and avoid the need to show up at a specific time and specific place.
Located in Pacific Beach and serving people in San Diego and surrounding areas, Thera Storm is the San Diego Grief Recovery Specialist to call if you want to recover from the loss of someone or something special. Please contact her by Email or call her at (408) 429-4134.