san diego divorce grief support

It is estimated that 40% to 50% of marriages in United States end in divorce. When this happens, one (and sometimes both) parties are unhappy and embark on a roller coaster of emotions. Feelings you might experience during and after a divorce includes denial, shock, bargaining, letting go, and grief. If you are excessively sad about your divorce and can’t seem to find a path forward, call Thera Storm for San Diego divorce grief support.

Why do you Grieve after a Divorce?

After the paperwork is completed and you are legally divorced, some people might slide into a state of grief. But why do people grieve after a separation? Experts believe that you grieve because:

  • Love: Despite the separation and divorce, you might still love your ex-spouse. You grieve for the loss of love, the loss of a spouse, and the loss of the idea of growing old together.
  • Dependancy: Over the years, you have come to depend on your ex for emotional, financial, and physical support. You grieve because you have lost someone who you depend on and rely on. You grieve for the loss of your best friend and confidant.
  • Status & Lifestyle: While married you enjoyed a certain status and lifestyle that comes with being a couple and being a part of a family. With a divorce, you may grieve for the loss of stability, the loss for shared hopes & dreams, and the loss of the image of a traditional family.

San Diego Divorce Grief Support

If you initiated the divorce, you may feel relief to be finally free from your obligations as a spouse. But if you didn’t want a divorce, you may feel very sad. That’s normal and you should take some time to grieve over the loss of a marriage. However, there is a point where you should “move on” and “let go” of your old life. If you or someone you know cannot pass beyond grief, then call Thera Storm for consultation.

Thera is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in finding clarity and direction after a devastating loss. Thera Storm offers many strategies for San Diego divorce grief support. Learn more by sending her Email or call her at (408) 429-4134.