San Diego Child Grief Support

Children experience grief differently than adults. A child might not understand why a grandparent died, or why their parents got divorced. Even with the death of a pet, a child might experience deep grief on par with their deep love for the pet. If you work with children then you should take the San Diego Child Grief Support sessions offered by Thera Storn from Clarity Corp.

Educators, Parents and Care Providers

These classes are for educators, parents, and grandparents. If you care for children, you should be able to recognize when a child needs help overcoming grief. Children should know that being sad is normal and healthy. However, they should also know that they do not need to be sad forever. They should not feel guilty about being happy after the loss of someone special. As educators, family members, and care providers it’s part of your job to help children come to terms with their loss, their grief, and their subsequent recovery.

San Diego Child Grief Support Specialist

One-on-one learning sessions and group sessions are available. Sessions run for 4 weeks and include “When Children Grieve” handbook and all other materials necessary. Please contract Thera Storm by Email or give her a call to enroll: (408) 429-4134.