San Diego 7 Letters TherapyMajor sticking points with counseling are the barriers to entry that may include cost, time availability, access to transportation, childcare and even stigma. I’ve developed a series of 7 letters that will be sent to your home.
Each letter is action-packed with content to include advice, exercises, activities and insights. Choose the topic that speaks to you or a friend you’d like to help.
As a licensed clinical social worker I’ve been trained to help move people through stuck points, major transitions and grief. Over the years I’ve noticed that a major barrier with receiving in-person therapy is that…well… you have to show up in-person. Although reading a letter cannot replace the power of individual counseling and support groups, I hope that the San Diego 7 letters system gives you or a loved one an opportunity to do some personal work in a private place and at a pace that’s comfortable.

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