Online Grief Counseling

Brokenhearted? Feeling stuck? Crippled with grief? If so: what’s stopping you from grief counseling? “I need to do something about this grief before I lose my job! I can barely function! But how will I get started? I work full-time, I’m a single parent and the closest therapist is across town!” If you’ve got several barriers getting in the way of your much-needed healing, I urge you to consider seeking help ONLINE. Online grief support is more accessible and beneficial than ever! As a provider, I had one client who utilized her lunch break to do online sessions with me. The sessions were amazingly productive and I witnessed her transform beautifully like all of my other in-person clients.

10 reasons to complete the Grief Recovery Method program ONLINE

  1. I’ll meet you “where you are.” When I was studying for my masters in social work, I remember more than one professor advising our class, “it’s important that you meet the client where they are.” This phrase is significant because it’s crucial as clinicians that we assess where our client is and we link arms (in a sense) and pace ourselves with them through a journey of health and recovery. Now with online platforms like Zoom, we can physically meet the client where they are.
  2. Convenience. The definition of convenience is “the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty.” Dealing with loss and heartbreak is difficult enough without also having to navigate the complexity of getting help! It will take little effort or difficulty to sign on to a computer with WiFi connection and start your session.
  3. Live in a remote area? No problem! Quality programs are often found in big cities that have the population to support the program offering. Now people who have a stable internet connection can have access to a wonderful grief support course without having to leave their town/village/residence.
  4. Imobile? An online program is now accessible for people with limitations in their mobility, physical health or access to reliable transportation.
  5. An online platform allows clients to reach a specialist without having to sit in a waiting room, enter a facility, leave the home or job (and feel obligated to explain where they’re going). The foundation of this program is rooted in honesty – this platform is a safe place to be completely honest.
  6. Traffic. Vehicles travel at a snail’s pace in congested areas. Avoid traffic jams completely!
  7. Parking. It costs money (per hour) to pay for parking behind my office building. Although this is the norm for San Diego and most big cities, why not save a few bucks (and a few dings on your vehicle).
  8. Dressing up. Getting dressed up for work, church, dates, etc. is either exciting or exhausting. If you are like me and feel more comfortable in yoga pants, throw those babies on and log-in to your computer for a session.
  9. Time. You’ll literally save hours a week by avoiding commuting to a specialist’s office. You can walk to where you keep your personal computer and begin your session right on time.
  10. Human Connection. You’ll be surprised at how human connection is still possible even via Zoom (online platform). I have a client who lives in Arizona. She came in-person over the holidays because she was visiting family in San Diego. Halfway through our session she realized, “I just realized we haven’t met in person before – but it certainly feels like we have!”
As a licensed clinical social worker who has provided mental health counseling for individuals, activity duty military, homeless shelters, at-risk youth, and end-of-life programs I can say with confidence that the most effective and rewarding offering/modality/program/intervention/tool for my clients has been the Grief Recovery Method (GRM). I have seen the brokenhearted, disenfranchised, the friends and family of grievers, and the helping professionals benefit from taking the GRM course.
I find fulfilment as I walk with a client through their pain and grief and see them get to the other side – exhibiting clarity and completeness even after the most tragic situations and losses. The Grief Recovery Program is unlike traditional therapy in that it is educational (there’s a book and homework!) and not only identifies unresolved grief, but helps you RESOLVE it. And it’s not years of therapy – you’ll be complete in about 7 sessions with an understanding of tools that you can apply to other losses in the past or that will come in the future.
The Grief Recovery Method is most often provided in-person for a group or one-on-one. Recognizing the need to reach more grievers – The Grief Recovery Institute has trained ~100 specialists so that they can provide the program ONLINE. I’m honored that I am among the few Advanced Online Specialists and can provide the method via online. I have been able to work with clients in every time zone in addition to running my practice from an office in San Diego, CA.
In closing, I believe anyone and everyone should complete the grief recovery program. In addition, I’d like to especially advocate for completing the program with a specialist who can provide the method ONLINE.

To schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to email, call or text!

Thera Storm, LCSW

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