I watched the weight drop off

It’s obvious from the increased advertising for weight loss products and gym memberships that diet and fitness goals are on most people’s minds as we close out 2018 and start looking toward to 2019.

New beginnings give us hope. They help us say goodbye to a rough year. New beginnings give us a fresh start to re-write our story (and stop “bad” habits!) New beginnings helps us envision a more enlightened and beautiful version of ourselves.

Speaking of weight loss and outer beauty, I clicked on a blog title once that read, “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 5 Seconds.” No surprise: the content stressed the importance of good posture.

Another time I clicked on a blog title that read, “The Body Part Most Men are Attracted to.” The content explained that it was a woman’s FACE by stressing eye contact and confidence. (Bummer, I was hoping it was a big butt, ha!)

Speaking of weight, though… I’d like to add the importance of the theoretical weight that we carry with us everywhere we go. Past guilt, resentment, anger or bitterness. Those emotions physically curve our shoulders inward. Imagine seeing that “weight” drip off of you. You’d certainly have better posture, more confidence and be able to look people in the eye! You’d get the power back in your life to rejoin society; be fully present in the moment. You’d be able to honor good memories and forgive the hurtful ones. You’d be YOU again without the labels of grief symptoms (anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD) defining your life.

I have physically watched my clients change and become more beautiful and empowered within the 8 week program. I watch them come in broken hearted. I watch them engage slowly with an open mind. I watch them complete the homework and do the reading. I then watch them leave renewed and restored. One client said, “Thera, people at work are asking me what’s my secret. They think I’ve gotten new makeup or lost weight. I told them it HAS to be this Grief Recovery Group.”

That comment validated what my heart was witnessing – the “weight” dropping off before my eyes!

People ask me, “Thera, why do you love grief so much?” Dude – I don’t love grief! I love watching people RECOVER! I love to see progress! It’s like being a personal trainer and helping someone hit their fitness goals.

With this method, you will not only feel better on the inside, but people will see change on your outside as well. Believe me, my heart is called to help people achieve their best life possible. If you’re reading this – know that I’m holding you in my heart and ready when you are.

Happy New Year!


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