Helping Children with Loss

As a mom and social worker, I have a heart for vulnerable populations, especially grieving children. Children have a tough time expressing their feelings around grief (I mean, can you blame them? Adults have a rough time, too!) This concern led to the publishing of my first children’s book on grief and loss called Hurt: Equipping Children for Loss.

Here are some resources to get the conversation started about grief, how you can help, and what friends and family can do.

A free PDF download: The Bandaid Game. Explore emotions, what triggers certain feelings, what to do about it and ways to communicate.

Want to help a grieving family, but don’t know how? This is a super simple, yet therapeutic gift activity to use with families and groups who want to process and share their feelings around the loss of a loved one. This is not a care package – it’s designed to help groups process the pain
and confusion surrounding grief and loss. The “pirate-themed game” includes multi-colored plastic “jewels” and an instruction scroll with prompts. As a grief therapist, I personally use this activity with clients and families as an intervention- so I decided to make multiple as an affordable resource for others! Families and counselors who want to help children communicate about loss and major transitions can use this as a tool for processing. This also works well as a gift when you want to support, but don’t quite know how!
Can customize instructions based on loss type: Pet Loss, Family Estrangement, Health Issues, Divorce, Death of a Loved One, Deployment. $10 +shipping.

I recommend this book written by the founders of the Grief Recovery Institute where I was trained. Available for purchase on Amazon. If you’re interested in working through this book together, I can provide a course called, “Helping Children With Loss” which is an additional program I was trained in at the Grief Recovery Institute. I highly recommend teachers, social workers, guardians and caregivers go through this program. Please contact me for details.

Here is a free downloadable PDF that you can download or open to begin “playing” with your family right away. All you need is a small bag of M&Ms.

Here is an arts and crafts activity for grievers to process a loss in a beautiful and creative way. Free PDF download. You’ll need art supplies to include a printer, scissors, glue, and colored pencils.

Flagged by Amazon as a #1 New Release! I’m thrilled to announce the publishing of my first children’s book on grief and loss.

Please visit our Helping Children with Loss page for free downloadable PDF games and activities as well.